Game Booking Software

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Powerful booking software built for escape room professionals. The easiest way to manage your customers, payments, and rooms from one, streamlined system.

Real-time Availability : Customers know exactly how many spots are left in a room, giving them the confidence to book now and stop shopping around.
Increased Conversions : People abandon checkouts 81% of the time. Our software helps you beat those odds with a lightning-fast and mobile-friendly checkout.
Professional Reservations : Impress customers from the get-go with a delightful booking experience that matches the caliber of your games.
Free, Easy Setup : It only takes one line of code and a few seconds to integrate our software with any site. The best part? We’ll do it for you.
24 hour Service for all Customers : Customers can book games at any time they want because our software provides 24 hour service.
Secure Payments : Our secure payments system makes paying and playing simple and safe.