Document Management System

Handling the documents are easier now.

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Our Document Management System is designed to meets your business’ unique needs and challenges without any expensive system setup and time-consuming training. Increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity while decreasing your risk with Idaksh Document Management System. Our Document Management Software helps Less time is spent locating the documents as they can be retrieved without leaving a desk. Users can also access other systems available from the desktop at the same time as retrieving documents.

Our Document Management System can provide better, more flexible control over sensitive documents. Our DMS solutions allow access to documents to be controlled at the folder and/or document level for different groups and individuals. Our DMS Software provides the improved security like different levels of privileages for Admin and Staffs. Lost documents can be expensive and time-consuming to replace. Within a DMS, imaged documents remain centrally stored when being viewed, so none are lost or misplaced. New documents are less likely to be incorrectly filed and even if incorrectly stored can be quickly and easily found.

The reduced time to complete processes provided by the tangible advantages, improves the day to day operations of all functions within an organization, leading to an improved flow of information, an increased perception of staff.

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Document Upload Module
  • File Management
  • Bulk Upload
  • Folder Management – Edit / Delete
  • Document Tag / Class Management
  • Audit Management
  • User Module
  • Role Management
  • Reports
  • File Security
  • Document Search Engine
  • File Security
  • Security Rule
  • Security