Delhivery Courier WordPress Plugin – Woocommerce Extensions

Woocommerce Shipment Plugin

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Delhivery plugin allows to easily integrate with your existing or new WooCommerce website.

By installing Delhivery Courier Woocommerce plugin & WordPress plugin, you can automatically add AWB Tracking Number to your Woocommerce order. After you fulfill an order, simply generate delhivery AWB tracking number at WooCommerce Order Page, the same info will be displayed at customer’s order history page and email notification sent to customer as well.

Pincode Authentication

First step would be to check the pin-code serviceability , if the particular pincode to which i want the parcel to be delivered is serviceable by Delhivery or not.

Package / Order Creation

The Package creation allows uploading the package details (manifest information) and type into Delhivery system.

Packing slip

Packing slip allows you to design a packing slip for the corresponding waybill no.

Email Notification

Sending tracking no (AWS) and courier information to customer when consignment is manifested.

Package/Order Tracker

Package tracker retrieves the package details and the current status of the package. The package / order can be one of the following types: Pre-paid (delivery of a package for which payment has already been made), COD (delivery of a package for which cash needs to be collected), Pickup (pickup of a package from customer’s address and deliver to client warehouse)

Customer Dashboard

Customer can also track the shipment of orders.


View list of order information, which are in the shipment status